Dedicated to IVDD awareness, education & support

Owning a dachshund has become very “on trend”, in fact it seems that “everyone wants a sausage dog”.  With this comes an overwhelming demand to supply a dog that should come with a warning label!

DISA is an Australia wide Not for Profit voluntary organisation dedicated to providing awareness, education and support about IVDD to owners & prospective owners – all accessible via its comprehensive Website and also via social media  – Facebook Page InstagramOwners Support Group

Should the unthinkable ever happen to your dachshund,  DISA is also there providing gentle, non-judgemental support via its support forum, where no question is a silly one, and where the guidance and advice provided will ensure that owners are armed to make well informed decisions regarding the care and/or treatment of their IVDD dachshund.

Charitable Purposes & Aims

So, until such time as there is no longer a four letter word called IVDD, as our motto says “We’ve got your back”


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