I am sharing this to encourage new members who have been understandably overwhelmed and confused about IVDD and what they should be doing to give their dog the best treatment for recovery. Whether surgery or conservative, the recovery period can be long and tiring at times, but it comes down to receiving support and advice from those who have been through similar experiences.  Each dog is different, but the journey is often similar in many ways.

March 2016 saw Bogart have an IVDD incident whereby he could not walk. He was rushed to the vet and was urgently referred to a specialist for surgery. Bogart was assessed as Grade 5. He stayed in the hospital for around 2 weeks. His physiotherapy started right from the beginning after surgery with increasing amounts of therapy over the next 2 weeks. Once he was home, Bogart received regular qualified physiotherapy and also exercises and massage etc at home.

Bogart had no deep pain sensation (DPS) in his rear legs but showed the ability to spinal walk whilst in hospital. He still has no DPS over 4 years later but baffles the experts by walking and running. His physiotherapist has never seen a dog do what Bogart has done to this degree. As he has grown older, he is around 12, he has aged quite a bit and no doubt his experience of IVDD has impacted him.

Bogart has always been a very determined dog; he never gives up if he wants something. I think that this helped him to deal with the IVDD and his mobility. He enjoys a quality life and spends a bit of time outside lying in the Sun or chasing birds. He is incontinent so has to wear nappies and does need cleaning up after he poops. The washing machine is kept in work washing his blankets.

The journey of Bogart’s recovery was difficult and time-consuming in the beginning but got easier as time went on. It was and still is worthwhile seeing Bogart enjoying life.

The following link will take you to Bogart’s Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/BogartDaschund/