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piccolo-diet The most important thing is to feed your dachshund a complete, well balanced diet that ensures they are kept in the best body condition. Each dachshund is different and depending on their life stage and age, it is important to combine diet and exercise to ensure they stay in the best possible body condition for their age. Diets may change during the life stages, but no matter what you feed your dachshund, ensure it has all the nutrients required to ensure a happy, healthy and active lifestyle.

Many dachshund owners often ask us what supplements they should be giving to their dachshunds to help prevent IVDD. Well the news is that no matter what supplements we give our dachshunds, and given we know that IVDD is highly heritable, no supplement will prevent it from happening.

However, we can recommend the following supportive supplements that can be given to keep our dachshunds fit for function, combined with a complete well balanced diet.


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