For Australian & Oceania owners of Dachshunds who have been diagnosed with IVDD

Before requesting to join please read this important information

1) Forum is only open to Australian & Oceania based owners of Dachshunds who have been diagnosed with IVDD.
2) Forum is moderated by DISA volunteers and supported by knowledgeable owners, who in many instances possess first-hand experience with IVDD.
3) DISA and its representatives are not veterinarians or health care professionals. If you suspect your Dachshund is displaying signs and symptoms of an IVDD episode, please first seek urgent professional advice and once a diagnosis has been confirmed we welcome you to then join the forum.
4) Join requests are processed by admin at 4 pm daily. Should you require URGENT support, message DISA Facebook Page or get in touch via
5) You will be required to answer and respond to screening questions PLUS acknowledge that you have read & understood the rules. If you do not answer/respond fully your request will be declined.
6) If you don’t have a Dachshund that is affected by IVDD but are wanting to find out more about this disease continue to browse our website where you will find heaps of information
Please DO NOT request to join as you will be declined!
7) For owners located outside Oceania please join a support group in your local region to ensure you receive timely advice relevant to your location. There are support groups located in UK and USA.

My Dachshund has been diagnosed with IVDD – how do I join the forum?

Click here to JOIN SUPPORT FORUM and complete the provided questions.

When you are approved you will see a welcome post by admin with your name tagged instructing you how to formalise your membership.

NOTE:  If for any reason the Facebook questions do not appear or you are experiencing difficulty in joining, copy and paste the 3 questions below, provide your answers and send them via a message to DISA’s  Facebook Page

Question 1:

I live in Australia/Oceania region & I own a Dachshund that has been diagnosed with IVDD (Intervertebral disc disease) ➡️➡️ SELECT APPLICABLE BOX
⬜ Yes, has been confirmed by a vet/specialist ➡️➡️ GO TO QUESTION 2
⬜ Yes, I suspect my dog has IVDD but not yet confirmed. ❌ This Forum is unable to provide a diagnosis & at this stage, you do not qualify for membership.  Please urgently seek a professional diagnosis and re-apply. 
⬜ No, my dog is happy and healthy ❌You do not qualify for membership. To learn more about IVDD visit our website
Question 2:
Provide written responses to the following questions then ➡️➡️ GO TO QUESTION 3

(1) Dachshund name
(2) Age
(3) Location
(4) Vet/Specialist
(5) Grade
(6) Diagnosis – Surgery/Conservative/Relapse
Write your answer
Question 3:
QUALIFICATION: If you are approved for membership you will first see a WELCOME POST from Admin on the Group. To expedite your formal qualification, while you are waiting for approval, VISIT

⬜ Yes, I will read the rules and wait for approval.


⬜ No, I do not agree

I have now been approved, what’s next?

DISA welcomes you and your IVDD hound to the Support Group family.  You will find plenty of support and advice from our generous and knowledgeable members, admins and volunteers.  We are here to help, no question is a silly one, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.   You can also check out our main site for all your needs when coping with IVDD.

To maintain the safety and integrity of DISA and Support Group members first a little housekeeping:

  • FIRST TASK – Our organisation has a duty of care to all members, so we kindly ask you to read and understand Dachshund IVDD Support Australia Support Group Guidelines & Rules of Conduct.
  • SECOND TASK – Once you have read the above Rules, click on the pinned post at the top of Support Group or click the link here – Facebook Group Rules Acknowledgement & TYPE READ  NOTE: If you do not acknowledge READ on this post within 7 days your membership will be withdrawn and you will need to re-apply.  
  • THIRD TASK – Subscribe to our quarterly newsletter for owners of IVDD Dachshunds.  SUBSCRIBE HERE
  • FINAL TASK –  Please take a moment to introduce yourself and your Dachshund to the forum members.  We ask that you do this to avoid unnecessary questions and answers and to get you the best help and advice as efficiently as possible.  As a guide, you can  COPY & PASTE the section BELOW (HI I AM A NEW MEMBER ”)  into a new post and pop your responses below them where indicated.  You can, of course, add more information as needed.  
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:   To maintain the safety and integrity of DISA and the Support Group members,  all post submissions are first approved by Admins.  Your post/s will only be approved once you have acknowledged the Facebook Group Rules Acknowledgement & TYPED READ.

Support Forum

Introducing yourself & your dog in the forum


  1. What’s your dog’s name and age?
  2. Where do you live?
  3. Specialist/Vet (name and location)
  4. Current diagnosis eg surgery/conservative
  5. What stage/grade IVDD has your dog been diagnosed with?
  6. Things I need help/advice with

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE DETAILS (delete if not required)