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Is it possible to get pet insurance after a back incident?

Yes, however all documented pre-existing illnesses will be excluded.  If ever in doubt check with insurance company and ask for an underwriter’s assessment.

Can a dog go down with IVDD again following a surgical correction?

Yes a disc can unfortunately herniate again in a different place or close by to a previous herniation despite previous surgery.  Any disc along the spinal column can calcify and if you know your dog has already had one herniation they are at higher risk for another.

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Can my dog take natural supplements while on prescribed medication?

In most cases natural supplements can be taken however it is advisable to check with your vet/specialist first.

What is the best way to lift up and hold your dachshund?

Always use 2 hands to pick up your dog. One hand under the chest and one supporting the back end, keeping the spine aligned. Never let your dog’s rear end hang down when picking up or putting down.


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Can IVDD be cured?

Currently there is no cure for this disease.  However, considerable research is going on behind the scenes in overseas countries.    For many years now, in Scandinavia a significant amount of research has been carried out, which has identified that there is a strong correlation between calcification of the discs leading to herniations.  This was particularly identified when dogs were screened once they reached maturity, between the ages of 2-4 years.   It is after the age of 2 that calcifications on the discs on X-rays can be clearly seen.  However, the interpretation for scoring must be interpreted by the highly trained specialist’s eye.  Until very recently these specialists have been based in Scandinavian countries, however we are pleased to report that we now have an Australian based veterinarian specialist whom is based in Brisbane that can interpret the scoring. Given that we know that IVDD is highly genetic, it is understood that breeding a dog with high calcifications, is fundamentally breeding for the high risk of disc herniation. 

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