Known for their long body & short legs, their unusual proportions can make them tricky to handle. This means that extra care must be taken to support the dog’s back as you pick it up, hold it, and set it back down.

Place one hand under the chest & then place your other hand under the dog’s rump.

Slowly lift the dachshund, keeping his body level.

Continue to support the dog’s back as you hold it.

To set the dachshund down, slowly lower him to the floor.
Show family and friends how to hold dachshunds properly before letting them interact with your dog.


Don’t pick up a dachshund by his upper body.

Never drop the dachshund back onto the ground

Never make a dachshund bend or twist when you pick him up

Don’t ignore any signs of distress from the dog, particularly if it yelps when picking up.  This is often a sign of an impending IVDD episode.

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