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We are a breed-specific NFP charity managed by a small group of dedicated volunteers.  We aim to –

  • Promote community awareness about Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) in dachshunds & other primary health issues.
  • Advocate for the education of dachshund owners in the awareness of IVDD.
  • Provide advocacy and support to owners who have dachshunds affected by IVDD.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated, whether you join us as a sponsor, supporter or as a volunteer.  Your contribution will help us to continue providing awareness, education and support to owners of dachshunds Australia wide.


Package Cost

  • Minimum $500 per annum.
  • Sponsorship runs for a period of 12 months commencing from the date of the first contribution.
  • The package can be paid in full at the beginning of the Sponsorship or invoiced quarterly in advance.


Advertising & Merchandising

  • Online Raffles – if products are contributed
  • Dog Lovers Shows – Marketing on the stall
  • Seminars & events held by DISA – Marketing at event

*DISA holds a current Google Ads Grant enabling us to promote and advertise Sponsors via our website Sponsor Page.

**DISA will promote and advertise upon request special features provided content and graphics are provided by the Sponsor.

Interested in becoming a Sponsor and would like to know more?
We welcome you to email or call us to have a chat!

Already made up your mind and would like to have our backs?



Qualification: Annual cash donation or provision of goods for fundraising totalling $100 or more per financial year July/June.

DISA Cash Donation Supporters will receive discounts on products listed on DISA Shop, a Stroller Badge “We’ve Got Your Back (Value $20) and access to One on One Support with a DISA Volunteer (one session).

Supporters who donate products for fundraising purposes shall receive promotion/acknowledgement during the delegated fundraiser.

Ready to become a Supporter?

DISA Supporter
DISA Supporter

Want to know more about becoming a DISA Supporter? We welcome you to email or call us to have a chat!


Ready to become a Volunteer?

Our organisation is a registered charity and as such we must undertake certain compliance matters when volunteers are accepted into the organisation.

Current opportunities: (click on the link to download the position overview)
Facebook Support Group Moderator (Volunteer)
Charity Secretary (Volunteer) – coming soon
Charity Treasurer (Volunteer) – coming soon
Stroller Hire Manager (Volunteer) – coming soon

To get things underway, download, complete and return by email the DISA Volunteer Registration Form (link below).

Want to know more about becoming a DISA Volunteer? We welcome you to email or call us to have a chat!