A fact of IVDD is that not all dogs will regain full function following a high-grade IVDD episode. Some remain paraplegic for life and others slowly improve over a period of weeks, months and sometimes even years. Every dog and every case is different.

Most Dachshunds only know one-word “ABILITY”. Wheelchairs take the DIS out of disability. Most dogs embrace being fitted with wheels as they restore mobility, independence and aid mental health.

The average state of play is to allow your dog time to completely heal & regenerate (surgically & conservatively) and if DPS (deep pain sensation) hasn’t returned after say *3 months, or your dog is simply not able to stand/walk, wheels are often suggested and fitted by rehabilitation professionals.

We have witnessed on our Support Forum, some Dachshunds who have only needed to use their wheels for a short period before “the penny drops” and they are back on all four paws. Some miraculously “spinal walk” and others remain paralysed and continue living happy healthy lives as wheelie dogs.

One thing we do know is that there is most definitely life after IVDD, sometimes it’s just about living a new normal and embracing life one daschie day at a time.

*time is determined by the dog & under guidance by your rehab professional.