Cuddle Therapy Pack H *Shipping included*


Cuddle Sack (Bears Yellow Trim) + Heat Pack (Blue Brown Dachshunds to keep your hound warm & snuggly during the essential weeks of crate/pen rest to allow for premium recovery.

DISA understands IVDD & how important it is for your dog to feel comfortable and safe during the recovery period. We also know that it’s not uncommon when your dog is diagnosed with IVDD to go into a ‘brain freeze’ not knowing where to begin, so we have curated packs to give you and your hound a little leg up

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Cuddle Sack measures 70m x 55cm
Heat Pillow measures 37cm x 17cm

Thank you to the following Supporters who have generously donated the following:-
Fabric donated by Rosalie James
Cuddle Sacks made by @royalhounds
Cuddle Pillows – Fabric donated by @2royalhounds & and made by @2sillysausages.


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