GingerLead Support Sling – Mini Unisex


Perfect for miniature/tweenie dachshunds recovering from IVDD

The adjustable sling easily buckles around a small pet’s belly and attaches to any standard chest harness (recommended), collar, or to itself. The support pad and handle are made of neoprene for you and your pet’s comfort.  For both male and female dogs or cats.  The neoprene can be machine washed but must be air-dried.

• Fully Adjustable Sling & Leash
• Neoprene Support Pads
• 1 pad for sling, 1 pad for handle
• 1.5” wide x 6″long

Chest harness Not Included

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Watch a Dachshund with Intervertebral Disc Disease / IVDD rehabbing after surgery using a Mini GingerLead Dog Support Sling. GingerLead has helped many dogs with IVDD regain their mobility. 


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