Help Em Up Small Conventional Harness


The small harness covers a broad range of dogs within the range of 25-45 pounds

The Help ‘Em Up Harness is a unique full-body lifting device that assists owners and their dogs when arthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle loss, or surgical repair impairs a pet’s mobility and physical strength for everyday functions – from getting up off the floor, up and down the stairs, or in and out of cars. They are well-suited for IVDD rehabilitation,

By placing a handle over the hips, and the shoulders, the Help ‘Em Up safely lifts from underneath the torso allowing you to help your dog get up, along with overcoming the daily obstacles of aging and getting around.

It will also help you lift without stress by using the handles on the harness, as the Help ‘Em Up is designed to distribute weight over the large surfaces of the chest and hind quarters. Veterinarians, surgeons, nurses and rehab therapists find this product as a useful aid to help their patients be lifted more comfortably post-surgery and to help them rehabilitate more easily.

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Best Suited For:

Boston Terriers, Beagles, Corgi, Pug, Spaniels, Eskimo Dogs, Whippet, Shelties, Schnauzer.

The small harness covers a broad range of dogs within the range of 25-45 pounds.

Select a dog harness size based on your dog’s weight first, then take measurements for accuracy. If your dog’s weight is on the cusp of our dog harness sizes, we recommend sizing down.

Weight Capacity — 25 to 45 pounds


Neck: 10-26″
Chest: 10-38″
Waist: 14-30″

The Help ‘Em Up Harness is machine-washable with mild detergent. Set to delicate cycle and air dry for best results.

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