WiggleLess® Dog Back Brace – IVDD Support


Relieve your dog’s back pain with the support of a dog back brace.

The WiggleLess® Dog Back Brace offers firm support, back stability, and stress relief for your dog.  You’ll be happy and so will your best friend.

Available in three sizes 9″, 11″ and 13″
Small, Medium & Large – Suitable for Mini, Tweenie & Standard Dachshunds

Features Include:

  • Durable, Lightweight, Breathable Materials
  • Built-in Boning For Firm Support
  • Adjustable and Easy To Use
  • ‘D’ Ring For Leash

In Addition:

  • High-Quality, Medical Grade Construction
  • Double Mesh For Stability And Durability
  • Refined Cuts Under Front Legs And Around Torso For Unisex Fit
  • Brace Weight:  9″-7.5 oz,  11″- 9 oz,  13″-11 oz
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How To Measure Your Dog

Follow the steps below to take the necessary measurements to fit your dog. We know dogs come in different shapes and sizes so these measurements are approximate.

Length/Size Measurement
Measure from the base of your dog’s neck to the front of the thigh. This measurement helps you pick which size of brace fits your dog.

9″ Brace – fits between 7″ to 10″                

11″ Brace – fits OVER 10″ up to 12″

13″ Brace – fits OVER 12″ up to 15″





Measure the distance around the widest part of your dog’s chest, right behind the front legs. This measurement helps you determine if your dog falls within the chest adjustability range.

9″  11″ 13″ Braces have chest adjustability from 14″ to 24″





For further information visit WiggleLess® Website

Additional information

Weight 300 g

Small 9", Medium 11", Large 13"


Red, Grey, Pink, Blue