Let’s face it, hearing that your dog needs to be confined is up there with most dog owner’s worst nightmares. Most owners enrich their dog’s lives by taking them for walks and this is a great exercise for humans and canines alike. When this is taken away through injury or illness, dogs can become anxious and destructive if they are not used to being confined.

Crate training is an excellent skill for all dogs (& humans) to learn. Although easiest to begin at an early age, it is never too late. Done correctly, a crate can become a place of safety and comfort for your dog.

So please, don’t think it’s an act of cruelty asking your dog to sleep in a pen, ask an owner of an IVDD dog and they will tell you that it’s often one of the most difficult requirements of rehabilitation and one of the MOST IMPORTANT.

>> Crating/pen resting your dog will prevent further damage to the spine and most importantly allow much needed time to heal <<

Please. don’t leave it until it’s too late.

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