What is it about being a volunteer Admin on a support group? It can’t be the pay.  Well, there is a payoff. It comes with helping and guiding those owners that land in our group, often confused and frightened, overwhelmed by the experience of their hound being diagnosed with IVDD. It can be challenging but immensely rewarding as we maintain a place of safety and guidance for all members.

There is much wisdom from years of experience among the members and we encourage all to listen, learn and take from it what you need. Of course, this learning needs to be aligned with the specialist treating your hound.  Being informed will help you ask the right questions and produce a plan going forward that will suit both your needs and your hound’s needs.

Sometimes, asking for help can bring an overwhelming response of information and suggestions, after all, we all want to help.  We suggest that you step back if this happens, and give yourself some space to sort through the comments. Admin will sometimes step in to summarise the main points and also close the thread if needed.

Admins are also available for you to reach out to and if this is the case tag us on a thread and we will step in and hopefully take away any confusion.  If you would rather take it private you can send us a message via our Facebook Page.

Many members ask questions that have been answered in the group many times before.  It is recommended that you use the search box and also visit our main site where most if not all you need will be found there.  It is truly a treasure trove.

DISA supports education and growth and has zero tolerance for bullying or any behaviour that may make you feel uncomfortable or stressed.  If this happens, message Admin and we will support you.  Fortunately, this is rare.

There are times when a number of members’ hounds have had a setback or crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  This can be overwhelming to all including Admin.  Your safety and health come first.  Sharing your feelings with someone you trust can be helpful.  Stepping away from the support group for a few days may also be helpful.

Finally, the responsibilities of an Admin require us to be a juggler, a diplomat, a mentor, a ‘parent’, a carer and above all, belief in the process of guiding you to make choices that support your decisions.  It is your journey, we are here to walk beside you.

We have your back – Rich & Chrissy – Forum Admins