Since IVDD is a disease with a strong genetic component it is difficult to prevent.  Dogs at increased risk of IVDD are chondrodystrophic dogs and dogs with a known family history of the disease.  It is important for dogs at risk to maintain healthy body weight and be physically fit (fit for function).

We know that every Dachshund is an individual dog, coming in all shapes and sizes.  However, no matter what size, they need to stay within good body condition, with adequate muscle mass.

Take a moment and run your hands over your Dachshund …  can you easily feel the ribs, spine and pelvic bones underneath its coat and soft tissue?   If not check out the Weight Chart and if your hound is looking a little on the “chubby” side, it might be time to look at diet and slow down on the extra snacks.

Remember, even though Dachshunds are clever and know how to tug at the heartstrings they can’t open the fridge or cupboards! – be strong when it comes to diet and quantities.