Keeping nails at a safe length

Most Dachshunds get away with long nails because they are too smart for their own good! They fool their owners into thinking that nail clipping or dremeling is devil torture. Don’t let the little darlings fool you, when you hear nails clicking, they are too long!

  • Long nails change the angle of the whole lower limb and cause many of the dogs’ postural muscles to function in unhealthy manners. This creates increased strain both in the legs and the torso.
  • Long nails change a dog’s posture and can hurt an already compromised back, or cause problems where none exist.
  • Long nails can also be painful just at the site itself and cause a dog to lose traction, making it easier for them to slip and fall, causing additional pain/injury over and above nail pain at the site of the foot.

Regardless of how terrifying it may be for hounds and humans, nail trims should be a regular part of your hound’s health routine.

trim nails