Chat to a volunteer


Chat to a volunteer


We understand how difficult and conflicting it can be when faced with a hound who has been affected by IVDD and how it’s not always possible (or comfortable) for owners to join an online forum.  In this instance, we have Volunteers who generously offer their time and expertise and can chat with you on the phone to guide and assist you.

Please understand that we are all Volunteers and may not be available, but we will do our best to call you once we have received your message.

How to Reach Out to a Volunteer for Phone Support

  1. Begin by choosing the option that best suits your situation (e.g., surgery or conservative approach) from the provided list.
  2. Send a text message to the volunteer containing your name, location, and a brief overview of your needs.  A responsive volunteer will reach out to you. Please note that volunteers may not answer calls from unfamiliar numbers, so do not cold call.
  3. If for some reason there are no available Volunteers, and it’s an emergency, head to the nearest emergency centre or contact your vet/specialist.
Phone Volunteers Australia
Anastasia0404 025 295Hands-on experience with surgical & conservative pathways + rehabilitation.

UTI management and aiding one of her dachshunds to walk again after 5 mths of back leg paralysis . Owner of 2 x 14 yr old dachshunds who have made it through multiple episodes.

Angela0407 347 269Retired registered nurse with experience in acute care. Dachshund lover with hands on experience with high grade IVDD surgery with a positive outcome.
Chrissy0478 656 082Hands-on experience with surgical & conservative pathways + rehabilitation plus 10 year's worth of knowledge liaising with owners, advisors and peers in the field of IVDD.
Holly0416 279 524‬Has done extensive research on the condition after going through the IVDD journey with her boy Jasper, Stage 5 surgery including rehab/ acupuncture/ physio.

Experienced in caring for a disabled dog including expressing bladder, controlling UTIS', wound care of back legs, expert in wheels and drag bags.
Katrina0450 523 595Hands-on experience with surgical & conservative pathways + rehabilitation and 4 dachshunds.

Dog Groomer at a Vet Practice and can guide owners with rehabilitation contacts in WA.
Pauline0419 727 286Former Nurse & Vet nurse who has experience in surgical and conservative pathways including rehabilitation.
Sue0417 718 227Hands-on experience with surgical + rehabilitation.

Peer support Officer for Emergencies.

Sue has also undergone spinal surgery and has a hands understanding of the healing processes involved with nerve damage, physiotherapies and ongoing care plans.
Vicki0417 860 770Dachshund owner for over 25 years. Has had three Dachshunds go down with IVDD, two required surgery and the third was treated conservatively.

NOTE:  DISA is unable to assist with emergency care, boarding or accommodation as this is not within our purpose.  If you are looking for these types of services we suggest you reach out to your vet, specialist, allied service provider,  your local dachshund owners’ group or DISA – accommodation for ivdd hounds.

NOTE:   DISA and its representatives are not veterinarians or healthcare professionals and are unable to provide advice if you suspect your dachshund is displaying signs and symptoms of an IVDD episode.  First seek urgent professional advice. Need a specialist? 

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Please consider an in-kind donation for this service to help DISA have the backs of Dachshund owners Australia wide.