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The importance of rehabilitation whether being treated conservatively or surgically has proven to be paramount in a dachshund’s rehabilitation and future well-being following an IVDD event.


There are many and varied modalities associated with Canine Rehabilitation, particularly when it comes to IVDD.  Each one plays a role in the recovery process.  To name a few –

  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Laser Therapy
  • Bowen Therapy


1. Improved Recovery: Rehabilitation can help Dachshunds recover from IVDD-related surgeries or conservative treatments more quickly and effectively.  It can improve muscle strength, joint flexibility, and overall mobility.

2. Pain Management: Rehabilitation techniques such as hydrotherapy, massage, and laser therapy can help manage pain associated with IVDD, reducing the need for medication.

3. Prevention of Recurrence: Rehabilitation can help strengthen the muscles supporting the spine, which may reduce the risk of future IVDD episodes.

4. Improved Quality of Life: By improving mobility and reducing pain, rehabilitation can significantly improve the quality of life for Dachshunds with IVDD, allowing them to lead more active and comfortable lives.

5. Education and Support: Canine rehabilitation professionals can provide owners with valuable education and support, helping them better understand the condition and how to care for their Dachshunds at home.


We cannot emphasise enough the importance after surgery that you discuss with your vet specialist an immediate referral to a rehabilitation facility.  The sooner the better normally recommended within a week after discharge as you must be shown how to do the gentle exercises required to ensure you are doing the physio correctly so that muscle wastage is kept to a minimum during the crate rest period.  Once you are shown this you can then assist your dog at home during the healing process without losing too much strength.

When treating your dog conservatively rehabilitation is also extremely important, however, it’s best to discuss your dog’s need with your vet/specialist or a qualified therapist as every dog and case is different when it comes to conservative treatment.  As a guide, in the early days, gentle passive modalities may be helpful eg: acupuncture and laser.

Overall, canine rehabilitation can play a vital role in the holistic care of Dachshunds with IVDD, helping them recover, manage pain, and improve their overall well-being.

Most Specialists will provide owners with a list of Qualified rehabilitation providers upon discharge.  If they don’t ask them for a list of their recommended practitioners.


In Australia, the qualifications required to practice canine rehabilitation vary depending on the modality. Here is a general overview:

1. **Physical Therapy**: To practice physical therapy on dogs, you typically need a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science or Veterinary Technology, followed by additional certification or training in canine rehabilitation.

2. **Massage Therapy**: Certification in canine massage therapy from a reputable program is typically required. Some programs may have prerequisites such as a background in human massage therapy or veterinary medicine.

3. **Acupuncture**: To practice acupuncture on dogs, you generally need to be a qualified veterinarian with additional training and certification in veterinary acupuncture.

4. **Hydrotherapy**: Qualifications for hydrotherapy can vary, but they often include certification in canine hydrotherapy from a recognised program. Some programs may require a background in veterinary medicine or physical therapy.

5. **Chiropractic Care**: To practice chiropractic care on dogs, you typically need to be a qualified veterinarian or chiropractor with additional training and certification in animal chiropractic care.

It’s important to note that specific requirements may vary by state or territory in Australia, so it’s advisable to check with the relevant regulatory body or association for the most up-to-date information.


DISA has curated this list of allied therapists to aid owners during their IVDD journey. While we endeavour to maintain its accuracy, we also recommend checking online search engines for the most up-to-date information in your area.

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CamdenAnimal Holistic Therapies

Neil Barnsley
B. App Sc. TCM (AU), Grad Dip. Vet Ac. (China), CVCP (USA)
02 4655 8151Website
Warners BayDr Caroline Hoetzer

ZenVet Holistic Therapies
0483 874 701Website

North Ryde

Western Sydney

Central Coast
SASH Physiotherapy

Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation department
Sunshine Coast & BrisbaneOPTIMA Animal Physio

Katrinka Geelen
BHSC (OT) Cert VN BHSC (PT) PG Dip (Vet Pty) MSc (Vet Pty)
0422 764 680Website
Sunshine Coast Housecall ServiceKatherine Apel

Cert. Vet Acupuncture (IVAS)
Grad.Dip Animal Chiropractic
Muscle Release Therapist
‭0418 725 571‬Email
UnderwoodAnimal Physio Solutions

Lindsay Connell
Qualified Human Physiotherapist
Masters in Animal Physiotherapy
0403 970 675Website
Brisbane & Gold Coast
Peak Performance Animal Physiotherapy

Sandra Sharpe

Physiotherapist - BPhty BEx Sci Msc Vet Phty
0415 219 566Facebook Page
Sunshine CoastHolistic Animal Physiotherapy

Brooke Williams
BPhty, MAnimSt) Member APA, MACP, MANZAVPA
Certificate in Veterinary Acupuncture (CIVT)
Diploma Equine Acupuncture (Australian College of Eastern Medicine)
0408 022 660Website
Metropolitan Brisbane Housecall ServiceThe Mobility Vet

Dr Jennifer Day
BVSc (Hons) Grad Dip Amin Chiro IVAS Cert
0407 749 229Website
Tamborine Village
(45 mins Brisbane CBD)
Balance Veterinary Care

Dr Steve Denley BVSc CVA Grad Dip ABM
0431 263 728Website
Paddington - BrisbaneThe Acupuncture Vet

Dr Alison Shen
BVSc (hons)
CVA (IVAS) Cert CICR (CIVT) Fear Free cert
0457 517 474Website
Ballarat EastFido Hydro

0448 744 558Website
Central Victoria
Central Victorian Veterinary Acupuncture
Dr Alan Clark
0408 509 405Facebook Page
HeathcotePawsitive Healing
Una Pianta
0400 203 053Website
HighettDogs in Motion Canine Rehabilitation
Meet the team
T: 03 9553 0896
M: 0448 885 561

South Geelong
Melbourne Animal Physiotherapy
Meet the team
03 7043 1111Website
Malvern EastAurora The Vet Nurse0437 002 020Facebook Page
MorningtonAnimal Rehabilitation Centre
Meet the team
03 5976 1069Website
SomervilleAquapaws Canine Rehabilition & Fitness

Qualified animal physiotherapist, internationally qualified hydrotherapy/rehab therapist with nearly 20 years of experience and a Veterinary acupuncturist.

They also have a specialised boarding facility for post operative cases and also if owners need some respite care for their IVDD dogs.

They are the 2nd oldest clinic in Australia and also manufacture Australian made dog wheelchairs and other mobility aids.
(03) 59 77 88 41Website
Canning ValeHolistic Pet Vet
Dr Neal Loh
InglewoodYour Pet's Vet Inglewood
Dr Anne Rainbow BSc.BVMS
08 9271 3671Website