We often mention on our Support Forum that IVDD is for a lifetime, once a diseased spine always a diseased spine and while many IVDD dachshunds recover well in time, there is a significant risk of permanent damage so severe it is life-changing or threatening.

Living in Australia many of our hounds love the beach as much as their owners, however, soft sand can cause strain on knees and long backs. Limit your dog to only walking on firm/ hard sand and carry them across the soft stuff.

Walking across soft sand or the dunes is a recipe for disaster for a future episode NO MATTER WHAT YOUR VET MIGHT SAY! So please, just don’t do it. Hard sand and swimming under supervision are great, but if you take your dog to the beach and there isn’t a direct path to hard sand on the shoreline, carry your dog over the soft sand areas. Forewarned is forearmed.

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