A topic that is often asked is “Will my dog have another IVDD episode even after surgery or having successfully recovered from conservative treatment?

The rational answer is “Once a diseased spine, always a diseased spine”

But let’s break it down and quote some references –

Ref: Dachshund IVDD UK

Dachshund IVDD UK Review

“Recurrence of IVDE after surgery
Reherniation can occur at the same site up to 4 weeks after surgery. Further imaging is recommended if there is unexpected pain or neurological deterioration in the immediate period after surgery. Most cases can be re-operated with a successful outcome. Recurrence rates range from 5-15% with the subsequent herniation occurring at a different site in 83-100% of cases. There is evidence that recurrence rates are higher in cases where prophylactic fenestration had not been done.”

Ref: Fitzpatrick Referrals UK (Noel Fitzpatrick The Super Vet)


“Will the problem recur?
If the spinal surgery has been successful, then it is unusual for there to be a problem with the same disc. However, there may be a problem with other remaining degenerate discs. If possible other “at-risk” IVD are fenestrated at the original surgery to reduce the risk of recurrence.”

So, the answer is yes, sadly it can re-occur. We have seen many cases of Dachshunds on DISA’s Support Group relapsing and requiring further surgery or conservative treatment. Once your hound has been affected by this disease it’s about “living a new normal”, be aware but not alarmed.

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