Never say never

Chilli is a sweet little girl who lives in SE QLD and suffered a rapid onset IVDD episode in June 2019 at the age of 5.  Then, 2 weeks later she relapsed once again as the disc next to her first surgery site also ruptured and she required a second surgery.  Sadly, it’s not uncommon – once a diseased spine always a diseased spine.

Since her 2nd surgery, her pawrents embarked on a rehabilitation journey together with a qualified physiotherapist and now, 12 months later she is living a happy new normal and loving life!

A message from Chilli’s furmum – For those who have only just started their IVDD journey to recovery, there is light,  it does get easier over time because love conquers all!

Please enjoy this beautiful video of Chilli’s journey … ps you may need tissues <3