The story of Hulk, written by Tam, the human who loves him:

“Just over a year ago, Hulk was undergoing emergency back surgery for a ruptured disc in his back. After surgery he had two relapses and I was told he would never walk again and I should euthanise him, as he was incontinent and completely paralysed in his hind legs.

Something in my gut told me not to give up so I said to the vet, “Thanks, I’ll take my dog home now.” With sooooo much love, a LOT of very difficult care, natural therapies, physiotherapy, a TENS machine and a compex treatment daily and a daily sunbake with mum, we slowly but surely made progress. There were a lot of tears and frightening times – but only from me, he was tough as nails and never lost his happy little face. .

The day he wagged his tail for the first time, I burst into tears, let alone the day he took his first steps.

It was a very long and hard road but I wouldn’t take a minute of it back. It was worth every second. This dog has taught me more than any human ever has. I’m sure his incredible spirit got him through this, he is the happiest little pup.

Neither of us could have gotten through this without the support crew we had – my friends and family, The Animal Rehab Klinic, Southside Animal Hospital and the DISA Suppprt Group who reached out to me the day I was told there was no hope, and encouraged me throughout Hulk’s journey.