My name is Lexi and I’d like to tell you the story about my IVDD journey, which started after my owner returned from deployment in the Middle East

We were returning from a walk one night, and it was just weird, as I was pacing and panting.   As this was not my normal behaviour, I was taken to the Emergency Vet to be checked.  I had a thorough check, and as I registered no pain in either my back or stomach and the check on my spine was okay, it was recommended I go home and come back if my condition worsened.

My owner didn’t know about IVDD, so we went home. However, throughout that night I was restless and I was unable to get comfortable. I was the same the next day, but by that afternoon there was a change.  I was completely paralysed in my back legs, so I was rushed to the emergency vet and that evening I had my operation. My owner was pretty upset and really afraid I would never walk again.  However, the vet was not. He believed I would be walking again in 6 weeks.

After discharge, I commenced home rehab. Now this means at home I had hydrotherapy, exercises for stretching and movement, as well as massage and acupuncture.  The vet was right, because 6 weeks to the day I started walking again. I continued my hydrotherapy and acupuncture, as well as exercises. I recovered about 90%, but due to the stage and location of my IVDD I still remained slightly wobbly in my right back leg.

However, my IVDD journey was not complete. In November 2018 I experienced another episode which was further up my back.  I was luckier this time as I wasn’t paralysed.  I had more surgery and followed through with the same rehab steps and I recovered back to exactly where I was before my second episode.  My owner is very protective now, more so than before because she is afraid of the decision that may be necessary if it happens again.

I’d like you all to know that I’m living a very full life, trying not to be as boisterous as I used to be, and as is the case with most dachies, I am very spoilt.

Casey & Lexi

Lexi Lexi